We think and act professionally. Each product has its own status, look & feel and story. Our lenses make it possible. Everything we photograph comes to life. Whether a large, small or even miniscule product. Product photography at its best.

• Product photography
• Pack shots
• Industrial photography
Photographing architecture is an art in itself. We photograph buildings, interiors and gardens and we do it with love and inspired passion. In our approach we are true to the image as well as having customer focus and by transcending all clichés. We give your architecture a voice, your design agency too.

• Interior photography
• Exterior photography
• Garden photography
Karel Waignein is specialised in portrait and fashion photography. His images talk the language of the artist, but also of the driven professional. Karel Waignein offers attractive conditions for engaging and dynamic photography in this field, for both individuals as businesses.

• Model photography
• Fashion photography
Photographing food and culinary finesse requires professional expertise and product knowledge. Are you are looking for an honest, developed concept and corresponding images? Then in consultation with you, our food stylist will create the most mouth-watering images of your culinary delights.

• Food photography
• Culinary ambience images
• Food styling for photography
A photographic reportage of your company is a powerful tool to acquire customers. Show the world what your company excels in. Create an identity! New customers will find you in no time.

• Business reportage
• Portrait photography
• Commercial photography
We make compelling images for your communications. After conceiving a powerful idea, we photograph the concept image. Our strength in image editing with Photoshop is a real ace up our sleeve.

• Concept photography
• Image editing in Photoshop
• Advertising
Be photographed by a professional. We create portrait photographs based on your desires. The artistic touch makes your portrait a veritable work of art, offering your home added value.

• Family portrait
• Maternity photography
• Child photography
• Artistic nudes
Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.
With the underlying logo: “I am not smiling, the world is in danger”, this concept starts from the presumption that man all too often relativizes the seriousness of issues. The ‘humour’ in the scenes stands for man’s relativizing behaviour and the ‘tragedy’ stands for the seriousness in the world.

You can rent or buy art by Karel Waignein. Feel free to mail or phone us for information.