ART photography

Colored Emotions

With the underlying slogan “I am not smiling, the world is in danger” the concept starts from the presumption that man all too often relativizes the seriousness of issues. The ‘humour’ in the scenes stands for man’s relativizing behaviour and the ‘tragedy’ stands for the seriousness in the world. With his first project “The portraits” he photographed a series of 130 portraits that clearly and almost literally present the philosophy behind „Colored Emotions”. This project gained the artist international attention through numerous prizes, awards and nominations.


He is a blushing, meek bear this Karel Waignein, a reflective rebel and there is no place in his world for the raw and immeasurable. His universe is an authentic, highly-personal planet, an area filled to the brim and limits with love and compassion.  In print and under layers of tempera, the comments echo those of a sincere artist, the true, professional juggler who has not forgotten the art of skilled narration and has not put aside the joyful, calm yet fiery rebel.
(Pjeroo Roobjee)



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